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How do you create trust, build credibility, for a new social media platform?

Shift from Transactional to Relationship Marketing

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Key Insights

Product is Mentorship and recognizing talent,

Medium is the Message

Talks by comedians?? Which provides fodder for ads? You have a marketing budget, how do you best spend it?

Networking sucks. Make it fun.

Recognize Talent

moving from transactional to relationship

LinkedIn sucks for finding and connecting with people.

Networking sucks. Make it fun.

BeKnown: Your career doesn’t have a back button

networking doesn’t have to suck

Your connection to better connections.

The thing to do before all your other things to do

Your job isn’t your job. Your job is to find a better job

The best resume doesn’t always win

Yes, it’s a popularity contest.

Escape Kit

No one is going to sell you for yourself

It’s who you know.

The little plant in your cubicle has grown more than your career

Where you are is not where you will stay

Who you are today is not who you will be tomorrow

Be where you belong

beKnown – Social = mentorship

The little plant in your cubicle has grown more than your career

Connect with real people, not fake resumes.

See how you’re connected to the jobs you want.


–Call to action – Login to Facebook

Separate your personal and professional profiles

Some of the key features include:

On BeKnown, you can:

Create a professional resume profile with their step-by-step guide, importing your current information from your Monster, Facebook and/or LinkedIn profiles

make selective career connections from both your social and professional spheres

follow companies and stay up-to-date on their activities and job postings
search jobs posted by your connections and via
review job listings tailored specifically to your listed experience, education and skills
and much more…

The ability to invite connections from both Facebook and your LinkedIn network, Gmail, Yahoo, and other email systems
The ability to share different information and photos professionally than you do in Facebook today (a major important feature)
The ability to claim and manage company profiles
The ability to post and share jobs
The ability to earn “badges,” which are professional achievements (a form of game rewards) for having the most number of connections, a large number of connections at the executive level, helping and endorsing others, etc.

The ability to give references and focus these recommendations based on a friend’s competencies or capabilities

The ability to follow companies and view jobs from those companies, which are matched against your BeKnown profile (and your profile)

Many careerists have leaned on LinkedIn as one of the few effective tools for personal branding and career management, sharing concerns about conducting their professional networking and job search on Facebook due to the more social nature of the network and in some cases, due to the potential liability their profile content may be to them in their career. As a result, they have done everything from censoring their profile photos and details, hiding their Facebook profiles from non-friends with increased privacy controls, and even creating separate Facebook pages for their professional selves.

With BeKnown, these concerns are no longer an issue and such counter efforts are no longer necessary. BeKnown is an app that brings the power of professional brand building, career networking and job searching to Facebook while simultaneously keeping them as separate from your social profile, connections and activities as you feel comfortable.


So I like the idea of having a very graphic, fun way of “connecting”

Like dragging the bee from one side of the screen to another

–Manifesto video

Social Network focused on Mentorship
Access to Co-Working Network

OOH – Medium is the message, make it real, give it credibility.
Social – Aspirational social media leveraged as copywriting.

Brand Strategy
Brand Tone
Marketing Mix
Brand values – real, brutally honest, inspirational (not aspirational), gritty but optimistic