March of Dimes

Don’t spend money on media buys. Don’t spend money on expensive productions.

You don’t need a campaign. You don’t need a national media buy.

You need to be a part of people’s lives in a meaningful way, every day. And you need to leverage that into PR coverage and social media impact that money can’t buy.

Reinventing the fundraising model


  • An outdated fundraising model
  • A limited audience
  • Declining brand significance
  • Issues with brand recall and understanding of the brand
  • Poor awareness

March of Dimes struggled with visibility and relevancy for years.


  • Market Research
  • Brand Sentiment Analysis
  • Strategic Planning
  • Financial Analysis
  • PR
  • Publishing Rights
  • Media Budget
  • Branding
  • Sponsorships
  • Partnerships
  • Event Development
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Community Development

What non-profit, what “brand”, can own the concept of pregnancy? of being experts on pregnancy and the most trusted, influential source?

Can one single brand “own” the concept of pregnancy? Can one brand be tied to the most human of acts – birth?

Our Brand = Your Pregnancy


The March of Dimes wanted to shift to become a volunteer-led, staff supported organization. So in order to make that shift, they had to become less reliant on extraordinarily complex events, which required a huge amount of logistics. Coordinating with public safety, permits, insurance, EMS, water and food delivery, venue selection, route planning

In fact, the March of Dimes is one of the few brands that could actually pull this off. Because they’re not looking to make a buck from it, and in fact they’re fundraising to invest millions in lifesaving research.

What to Expect When You’re Expecting

Buying the publishing rights to “What to expect when you’re expecting?” The beauty of “What to expect when you’re expecting” is that the benefit is built right into the title.


Pregnancy App? IG Story version of pregnancy?

Yoga, Sex Ed, Access to Online Birthing Coaches, Online OBGYN’s

Building an online community

Social/Influencer Strategy

How do we involve influencers? How do we create mini-spokespeople? Spokes-moms?

Social Media Campaign based around common questions? the worst advice you ever got?

March of Dimes – encourage people to share baby photos
Encourage people to share horror stories
Encourge people to share badadvice

Pregnancy as a fashion statement

Positioned as an authority
Act as a gatekeeper
Deep data insights

Focus on the mother and motherhood, as maternal health is the true indicator of infant health

Move from being reactive to proactive.

Take the inclination for people to be narcisistic, and turn it into a positive force for good. Selfish = self-care


Baby Shower

The baby shower needs planned 7 months prior to the busiest birth months.
-Brand awareness
-Community Outreach and health education
-Lead generation

Collegiate Councils

Collegiate council, pipeline of constituents and volunteers and creating advocates.

Promotion through partnerships. Events should center around a hospital or university. This is often where our research and grant dollars are going, and they often have the biggest stake in proving that the work they’re doing is worthwhile and important to the community, especially with CSR requirements. So they’re a great partner with a lot invested. Because previously, they are just random locations like parks

Creating a commmunity benefits
Stronger relationships, Longer relationships

Sex education in schools?
March of Dimes – Yoga for Moms


Maternal Health Month

Maternal Health Month (PledgePurple- Social Media, PR,
Political Advocacy, Monument Circle, ArtsGarden, State House, Hospital, Canal,
Maternity Bags

Gala Lead Up – Publicity, Power = Attractive to corporations

Lead in to Gala, Nurse of the Year, Researcher of the Year, Advocate of the Year

Art of Dimes


Arch, Feather Banner, Signage


March for Babies:

Tri-fold Flyer
Save the date post card
Team Captain Toolkits
Kick off Flyer
Certificates to Top Teams
Donation Letters
Press Releases
Route Cards

Pregnancy Report Card
State of Babes

Babies Business & Bottom Line – Day of Event Hand outs, Flyer/Email Flyer.

Baby Shower


No, it wasn’t adopted. What happened is MOD got a new president that

Layed off almost all of their national team, sold the corporate office, moved the remaining exec’s to Washington D.C., did a misguided rebrand that was widely panned, and retracted millions in research grants after they had already been promised to researchers at major universities, resulting in a PR fiasco with no solid plan in place. This in the face of mass layoffs, cutting events, closing offices, across the nation where my wife saw her state go from a staff of 40 down to a staff of less than 10 in a couple years time, many long tenured staff with deep connections in the community. It’s no wonder that their revenue plummeted by millions and millions of dollars, year after year.

195 million in 2013
187 million in 2014
181 million in 2015
163 million in 2016
152 million in 2017
152 million in 2018

That was an organization that thought it could cut its way to profitability and survive.

If it was a company, it would have been a news story. Because it’s a non-profit with a “mission”, they get treated with kids gloves. But their constituents were not happy.